How Can Jesus Be God? 

A Moroccan woman recently told another believer about a dream she had. The woman said that in her dream the believer’s husband came to her with a bag full of pieces of bread and a bottle of something to drink. The woman didn’t know what it meant and asked the believer for the meaning. The believer was extremely excited to tell her that she knew exactly what it meant. The believer told her about Jesus, the bread of life, and how the bread was in pieces because it is meant to be shared. The believer told the woman that her and her husband are in Morocco to share the Bread of Life and the living water. The woman was very excited to hear about it and is now reading stories about Jesus on a regular basis.

Praise the Lord! Pray for this woman as she discovers the Bread of Life and the Living Water! Pray she will open her heart to the stories of Jesus and accept him as her Lord. Pray for wisdom for the believer as she shares the stories and interprets the dreams! The woman frequently has dreams. Pray they will lead her to Jesus! 

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