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Every day, we invite you into the ancient spiritual prayer practices of Lectio and Visio Divina. Each day you will be given a picture to meditate on in prayer, Visio Divina or “eating/digesting the image,” asking the Holy Spirit to prompt things from the image for you to pray into and to fill the image with spiritual meaning. Most of these visuals will connected to the concept of “Saturation” and will be connected to the insights included in each day’s prayer fuel.

We encourage you to start your prayer time each day by sitting in silence with the picture and listening for the Holy Spirit’s direction. It might also be meaningful to return to the image after you have read the additional pieces of the prayer fuel, using it to wrap up your time of intercession and giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak through it on even deeper levels. May you be blessed as you engage your Creator in visually inspired prayer.



Is it crazy to ask God to provide orchards full of trees dripping with fruit over a desert region? Not according to the Psalmist. In Psalm 107 David says this of our better-than-anyone-can-imagine God:

“He can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water! He can make springs flow into desert lands and turn them into fertile valleys so that cities spring up, and He gives it all to those who are hungry. They can plant their fields and vineyards there and reap a bumper crop and gather a fruitful harvest. God will bless them and cause them to multiply and prosper.” (Psalm 107:35-38)

This has become another beloved picture of what saturation in this nation could look like—total landscape transformation, evidenced by deserts turning into expansive orchards, full of healthy thriving trees, whose branches are so saturated with pleasant fruits, they are practically dripping.

As we pray for saturation in this nation, dream big, and ask God to do the impossible in the desert wastelands of Morocco, where it’s hard to imagine anything growing and prospering. Ask Him for fertile lands and fertile hearts. Asking for blooming fruit trees and multiplying churches. Ask for so much fruit, it can’t be harvested. Ask for such a movement, it can’t be calculated. Ask Him for spiritual oases in a land with no rain. He’s more capable than we could ever imagine. 



Each day, as we engage the practice of Lectio Divina, “eating/digesting the Word,” the Scripture we will pray comes from a community of prayer from within Morocco that has been praying Saturation over Morocco.

Adjective: “Saturated”—holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed; thoroughly soaked
Noun: “Saturation”—the degree or extent to which something is completely absorbed

This group is daring to pray audacious prayers of saturation—asking for God’s Kingdom to come to Morocco to such an extent that it is completely absorbed in His truth, presence, and transformation. Keep this in mind as you pray these Scriptures and join with those who are already praying audacious prayers on behalf of Morocco. 

Genesis 1:11 “Then God said, “Let the land spout with vegetation- every sort of seed-bearing plant, and trees that grow seed-bearing fruit. These seeds will then produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came.” And that is what happened. The land produced vegetation- all sorts of seed-bearing plants and trees with seed-bearing fruit.” 

Pray for a saturation of multiplication across Morocco and that the seed-bearing fruit of the gospel would reproduce as it takes root and grows.


God, You never change.  You are the same God of power that we see all throughout scripture.  We need you now, Lord…

“Same God” by Elevation Worship


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