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“You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your might among the [Moroccan] peoples.” (Psalm 77:14)


The coastal city of Casablanca is the capital of the Casablanca/Settat Region, and like most major metropolitan areas it is densely populated. Nearly 20% of all of Morocco’s population lives in this region, a vast majority located in Casablanca itself. With this massive urban area come all the typical urban problems—large economic gaps between the wealthy and the poor, exploitation particularly of young people, corruption, and the infamous “urban disconnect” that brings with it the breakdown of the family unit and other community support networks.  But alongside these big city challenges, there are also big city opportunities. Very few people living in Casablanca are actually from Casablanca, but instead are from rural areas in the other regions of Morocco and have moved to the big city with dreams of “making it.” Imagine if these people were able to hear the truth of the Gospel in this city of the nations, and take that Truth back to their hometowns and villages to share with their families and communities? If each of these 7 million did that, total Gospel saturation of Morocco could be achieved in a matter of days.

As we lift this “Gateway City,” let’s ask that it be a city that not only welcomes people from all over to come, but that as the Gospel is proclaimed, it’s also a city that sends people out to all over. Let’s ask that this city is a place where people get sent, and not a place where people get stuck. This city has the potential to reach the entire nation, but it must be reached first, so let’s ask for bold proclamation in every one of the 16 major precincts of this city.   



Paul was told by Ananias: “for you will be a witness for him to everyone of what you have seen and heard.” (Acts 22:15)

We pray for every believer in Morocco to be equipped to share their story (testimony) and Your story (the Gospel). We pray that every time the Gospel is shared in Morocco that it would be the overflow of the speaker’s experience with You, the living God.



Over the past many years, a similar picture has come to people’s mind as they pray for Morocco. The image is of a dam with cracks in it and which eventually breaks to flood the whole land. We believe this dam represents barriers holding back the Presence of God, but the cracks reveal the weakening of these strongholds and soon they will come down altogether allowing the nation to be flooded with His Presence and Truth!

Thank you, Lord, for this image that has repeatedly come into the minds of intercessors as they have prayed for Morocco! Because of this, we can have confidence in prayer that this is your plan! We thank you for the increasing weakness of the enemy’s plans as represented by these cracks in the dam. We pray that people would see the falsehood in what they have been taught. We pray for the barriers that keep people from entering the Kingdom to be removed so that everyone will have access to the truth. We declare the breaking of this spiritual “dam” so this nation can be flooded with a revelation of the Son!



God, we worship You because You break down walls, You push back the dark! We worship You as, even now, You flood the Earth…

“Flood the Earth” by Jesus Culture


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