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“Say among the [Moroccan] nations, ‘The Lord reigns! Yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity.’” (Psalm 96:10)


Folk Islam is a very common practice in Morocco. The use of sorcery and witchcraft through curses, blessing, exorcism, healings, fortune-telling, etc., (while very shameful) is also very common. Folk Islam takes on many forms in Morocco. Superstition is one of many layers to it. Fear strongly drives this. Many Moroccans will hang the “evil eye” or the “hand of Fatima” above their doorways, wear it in jewelry, use it as decoration or art in their henna, or hang them in their vehicles. This is to bring protection and to ward off harm. Phrases of protection are also important to say.  “Llahysakha” is repeatedly said as a protector over children, “Llahystr” gets said as a protector over oneself or current events in your life, and “tbarakallah” is a proper phrase to add to the end of your compliment to someone in order to deflect evil attention toward whatever good thing you just complimented.

Pray today for deliverance from the demonic fear that drives Moroccans to find it necessary to follow these superstitious practices. May the perfect love of Jesus drive this fear out today!



“And the evil spirit answered and said to them, ‘I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?’” (Acts 19:15)

Lord Jesus, Your fame is known throughout the spiritual realms. Your authority over the demonic realm is complete. Because of Your sovereignty, there is nothing for us to fear. Keep Your people hidden behind the protection of Jesus’s authority, as they faithfully surrender the egos and put on the spiritual armor You provide.  



Morocco is a spiritually dry land. The soil is difficult to till and it’s a challenge to see seeds take root and multiply. Take 30 seconds to quietly reflect on this photo. What does the Holy Spirit bring to your heart and mind to pray for on behalf of the spiritually dry ground of Morocco?


God, we worship You because You, our King, are soon returning, so we will rise and be Your witness…

“Fullness” by Elevation Worship


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