Equipping to Intercede for Morocco


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

– Numbers 6:24-26


Delighting in him

Intercession is a Privilege

There is no higher privilege than to come into the Throne Room to spend time with the King of kings and Lord of lords. Yet so few people center their life around it.

Becoming a prayer warrior is not so much about gifting as it is about flexing the prayer muscle.  When His saints are willing to go through the hard work of prayer, we reap the joy of delighting to be in the presence of our King.

This country needs you to play a vital role in bringing the Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done in Morocco as it is in heaven.

Taking back ground

Intercession is Warfare

Intercession is place of waging war against our enemy – Satan.  We have the privilege to go to battle against Hell for the sake of beloved Moroccans who are held by the powers of darkness.  Prayer and praise are powerful weapons against the enemy.

“This is the place of prayer – on the battlefield of the world. It is a wartime walkie-talkie, not a domestic intercom to increase the comforts of the saints.”

– John Piper

Get Equipped

Resources to Intercede

Click on the resources below to help equip you to pray 

PrayerCast: Morocco

Join this Prayer Cast and echo a prayer prayed by a former Moroccan Muslim that turned to Christ.  Join him and thousands of others who pray this prayer for an awakening and movement of the Gospel across this beautiful nation.

Pray and Fast for Breakthrough

Fasting and prayer often go hand in hand throughout scripture. Consider fasting and praying occassionally or perhaps regularly for a breakthrough in Morocco. This video will help you get started. 

7 Practical Tips to Increase Prayer

Here are some good, basic tips to help in the pursuit of increasing your prayer life. He provides seven different tips that will help to decrease or mitigate common barriers to prayer.

Pray for Boldness

Encouragement from David Platt and Francis Chan to pray. A charge to the Church to pray for believers to have courage and boldness to proclaim the gospel with power.

30 Days of Prayer

The 30 Days of Prayer guides have been coming out annually since 1992.  During that time, many Muslims have come to faith in Christ.  This is an unprecedented time in history.  These guides are a helpful resource to receive cultural insights and up-to-date prayer requests for you from all over the Muslim world.

Sermon Jam: Our Father with Francis Chan

A moving Sermon Jam that teaches us how to pray in light of communicating with our Father in heaven. Jesus introduced intimacy with God as we pray. We are invited into an intimate relationship with the Creator of all who also knows our name and speaks to His people.

PrayerCast Pillars of Islam: Shahada (Faith)

A powerful PrayerCast that addresses the first pillar of Islam – The Shahada.  The shahada is an Islamic creed declaring the oneness of God and the prophethood of Mohamed.  This is a Gospel-centered prayer that prays scripture and truth over the first pillar of Islam.

PrayerCast Pillars of Islam: Salat (Prayer)

A wonderful PrayerCast for our Muslim friends as they seek to grow near to God through daily prayer, Salat – the second Pillar of Islam.  Join the prayer asking for our Gracious Father to reveal himself to Muslims all around the world.

PrayerCast Pillars of Islam: Zakat (Charity)

A PrayerCast regarding the third Pillar of Islam – Zakat. The zakat is the obligatory giving of charity to the poor annually. Join our sister in Christ as she petitions our Good Father to have mercy on our Muslim friends and draw them to repentance and faith.

PrayerCast Pillars of Islam: Sawm (Fasting)

An excellent prayer from PrayerCast praying over Sawm or fasting during the month of Ramadan – the forth pillar of of Islam. This obligatory fasting is often a time of spiritual sensitivity within the Muslim world.  Let’s pray together to ask Jesus to reveal himself powerfully to our friends.

PrayerCast: Haji (Pilgrimage)

This PrayerCast is a moving prayer over the 5th Pillar of Islam – The Hajj.  The Hajj is the Islamic pilgramage that millions of people take each year to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Pray this prayer over our Muslim friends that they would encounter the One True Messiah.

Equipping to pray

Effective Prayer

Let us help to you to pray for this beautiful country effectively.  Let’s pour out intercession and break down the walls.

Click on a day of the week to have your prayer fueled to break down strongholds seen throughout Morocco.

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3  |  Day 4

Prayer changes the atmosphere

Equipping to Intercede



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We are praying for breakthrough and open doors in Morocco. 

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