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?Let everyone give all their praise and thanks to the Lord! Here?s why?He?s better than anyone could ever imagine. Yes, He?s always loving and kind, and His faithful love never ends?He can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water.? (Psalm 107:1, 35)


While you may not have heard of the massive region of Draa-Tafilalet, chances are you?ve seen glimpses of it. A frequented hotspot with filmmakers, one can still wander through the abandoned sets of Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, The Mummy et Lawrence of Arabia. Income for film projects is gladly welcomed in this region of the country whose typical economy, that is dependent on agriculture and pastoralism, has taken many devastating hits due to the increasing desertification of this region. While foreigners are welcomed on a temporary basis, to come as filmmakers or tourists, Believers find this area very difficult to access, and those who live there that explore the Christian faith, often find that faith squelched out by persecution from their local leaders and communities.

As we pray for this region of Morocco, the word ?endurance? comes to mind?with a harsh political, social, and environmental climate this region remains one of the darkest in the country. But just as the geographic landscape s peppered with flourishing oases, we know the Lord longs to plant spiritual oases amongst these dark desert lands, where the Water of Life quenches the thirst of every lost and wandering soul.



“Those who had been scattered preached the Word wherever they went.? (Acts 8:4)

Lord, Your Word shows us time and time again in the book of Acts that where we see tragedy and persecution, You see spread and faithfulness. May every instance of persecution in the Moroccan church, that Satan intends for evil, be used for the good of Your Kingdom in this nation. Give Your servants the bold faith to preach wherever they are scattered.



Is it crazy to ask God to provide orchards full of trees dripping with fruit over a desert region? Isn?t the world getting increasingly warm and barren, not more and more fruitful? Not according to the Psalmist. In Psalm 107 David says this of our better-than-anyone-can-imagine God: ?He can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water! He can make springs flow into desert lands and turn them into fertile valleys so that cities spring up, and He gives it all to those who are hungry. They can plant their fields and vineyards there and reap a bumper crop and gather a fruitful harvest. God will bless them and cause them to multiply and prosper.? (Psalm 107:35-38)

As we pray for saturation in this region, dream big, and ask God to do the impossible in this desert wasteland, where it?s hard to imagine anything growing and prospering. Ask Him for fertile lands and fertile hearts. Asking for blooming fruit trees and multiplying churches. Ask for so much fruit, it can?t be harvested. Ask for such a movement, it can?t be calculated. Ask Him for spiritual oasis in a land with no rain. He?s more capable than we could ever imagine.



God, we worship You because freedom, transformation, and redemption are Your nature! They flow from Your very character?

?Your Nature? by Kari Jobe


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