Guided Prayer – Day One

Use the arrows below to be guided as you pray for Morocco 

Intimacy with the Father

Follow along with these guided steps as we pray for Moroccans to know and experience “Intimacy with the Father”.  Delight in your own time of intimacy with the Father as you intercede on their behalf.

An optional music player is available below if desired. Click play and commune with our Lord!

Intimacy with the Father

Meditate on this passage in Hebrews as you enter a time of worship.

“And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. By his death, Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place.”
Hebrews 10:19-20

Name of God

Jehovah Shammah
“The Lord is Present”

Begin to worship the God of intimacy and relationship – the God who is present.


Take a few moments to receive God’s invitation for you to enter into his presence and worship Him as the God who desires intimacy and relationship with you and with all peoples of the world.



Worship Him as the God who, through Jesus, made a way for you to stand before Him in His holy presence.

Worship him for being Immanuel, present and among us.

(Worship our Lord in prayer and move forward when ready)


Worship him through prayer on behalf of Moroccans who are yet to know and understand that God desires to have deep and joyful relationship with them.

(Continue when ready)

Worship in Music

Use the lyric video to pray these words over yourself and over the beautiful Moroccan people He has created.

Click the link below to watch and worship using the lyric video.

All Sons and Daughters – God With Us



As you focus your prayers toward Morocco, take some time to praise the Lord for those who are turning to Jesus and understanding that God desires to walk with them in a relational, loving and present way!

(Continue to read testimony of praise!)

Testimony of Praise

Khadija was never satisfied with the religious status quo. She strongly felt the emptiness that came from the required rote prayers and the cultural pressure about a God who required so much of her and yet was unapproachable. How can this be?

(Consider and continue when ready)

Testimony of Praise

In her search for a true definition of God, she began searching online. She began to read the Bible in her language. In her reading, she encountered stories of Jesus: his compassion, his love, his attention to people (even women!)



Khadija was connected with Christians who helped her learn to study the Bible. She began to understand who God really is, redefining His character and what that meant for her.

Praise God for his work in lives like Khadija’s as one who has chosen to follow Jesus and live life in intimate relationship with Him!



There is no doubt that every Muslim would wholeheartedly express to you that God is great and that there is no one greater. Yet, within their definition of God’s greatness comes a distance between God and man – He is distant and unapproachable.  As Christians we would say that because God is so great, he made a way for us to experience the intimacy of his presence.

What a significant contrast!  Lord, show your intimate love to our Muslim friends!


Take 30-60 seconds to quietly look at this photo. 

What does this image prompt you to pray for Moroccans in this area of knowing a present, relational and intimate God?

Take some time to pray for the things God puts on your heart.


Spend some time praying for a new definition of God’s greatness to be known across Morocco.

Pray for him to be known as the relational and present God that he is.

Pray for eyes to be opened to see God’s relational pursuit of mankind since the beginning of time and that they, too, are included in God’s pursuit.


Close your time of prayer thanking the God of the universe for His nearness – that He is a powerful God that is also our Friend, our Savior, our Delight.


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