Guided Prayer – Day Five

Use the arrows below to be guided as you pray for Morocco 

Moroccan Followers of Jesus

Follow along with these guided steps as we pray for Moroccans who have submitte their lives to the authority and lordship of King of kings and Lord of lords.  

An optional music player is available below if desired. Click play and commune with our Lord!

Jesus - Our Banner of Victory

Take a few moments to reflect on the everlasting truth that the Lord is a banner of victory over our brothers and sisters in Morocco.

“After the victory, the Lord instructed Moses, “Write this down on a scroll as a permanent reminder…and Moses built and altar there and named it Yahweh-Nissi (which means “the Lord is my banner”).”
– Exodus 17:14-15

Name of God

The Lord Our Banner

Begin to worship our God who is our victory in the midst of battle.  Keep in mind His promised victory as you begin to worship and pray.


“But you have raised a banner for those who fear you – a rallying point in the face of attack.”
Psalm 60:4

“Let him lead me to the banquet hall, and let his banner over me be love.”
Song of Songs 2:4

(Meditate on these scriptures and continue when ready)


Begin by worshipping our God who, in his great love, has raised his banner of victory and love over us.

Spend some moments worshipping in prayer and taking up his banner over your own life once again.

Worship in Music

Use the lyric video to declare the Banner of Jesus over Moroccan believers by worshipping in prayer to this song.

Click the link below to watch and worship using the video.

Christy Nockels – His Banner Over Me


Declare the Lord’s banner of victory over our Moroccan brothers and sisters!

(Continue when ready)


As you focus your prayers toward Morocco, take some time to praise the Lord for ways that he is declaring his banner of victory over his bride in this land.

(Continue when ready to read testimony of praise!)


On a prayer walk through their city, two believers in Jesus came upon a location that is known for demonic activity. There was stream with a little bridge. Under the bridge were candles lit but no one present.

(Picture this scene and continue when ready)


While praying nearby, they noticed a family walk up with a man, Abdullah. As the family handed him items like bread, sweets and spices he began chanting and throwing them into the stream as offerings to jinn (arabic for evil spirits). Then he took a live chicken from them, sacrificed it, and sprinkled some of the blood on each family member.

(Consider and continue when ready)


Afterwards, the two believers in Jesus were able to meet and visit with the man who had performed the sacrifice. He invited them into his home and they were able to share with him about Jesus’ sacrifice, his blood and his authority over all things. 

Pray that Abdullah will continue to read these words and surrender his life to the One who has all authority in his hands. 



This story brings a knowledge of the reality of demonic powers at work in Morocco. But within that reality we can praise the Lord for how he is helping his people, who carry his light and hope, to share with families (like the one in this story). They desperately need to know that there was a sacrifice “Once for all” (Hebrews 9:28), and that they can receive his blood for themselves because he stands in authority on their behalf because of his sacrifice on the cross.

Praise the Lord for the authority he has over all darkness – all demonic forces – that must flee in His presence.



Take 30-60 seconds to quietly look at this photo.

What does the Holy Spirit prompt in your spirit to pray over Moroccan believers?

Take some time to pray through the things that God puts on your heart.

Demonic Activity in Morocco

Keep in mind the hostile circumstances that followers of Jesus in Morocco find themselves in.  What comes to mind for you as you consider staying in teh gap for them as you begin to intercede?

(Consider, pray and continue when ready)


Breakthrough Prayer

Pray that The Church would grow both in depth and breadth, faith and numbers!

Pray that the peace of Christ would dwell powerfully in their hearts today administering the strength, encouragement and increase of the Holy Spirit!

Disunity in the Body of Christ

Distrust is a cultural norm across Morocco. When people come to Jesus, they carry this with them. Unfortunately, in many cases, the devil strongly capitalizes on this innate pattern of distrust. This stunts the growth of The Church, affecting the way brothers and sisters in Jesus gather together, share life with one another and work together toward multiplying themselves as followers of Jesus.

Disunity in the Body of Christ

Pray today for: 

Supernatural unity – the kind that God the Father has with God the Son. This is a powerful, unbreakable unity!

Out of this kind of unity, The Church of Jesus would truly take root and gain the momentum of multiplication that our prayers long to see across Morocco!

Jesus would surface, call and equip local believers who are passionate and bold champions for the gospel

That the Lord would protect these champions according to His will

That they would be anointed with boldness and wisdom


Close your time of prayer today thanking Jesus for his followers scattered across Morocco and for his banner of love and victory that is stretched over them today as a result of your prayers

“Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”
1 Corinthians 15:57


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