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Every day, we invite you into the ancient spiritual prayer practices of Lectio and Visio Divina. Each day you will be given a picture to meditate on in prayer, Visio Divina or “eating/digesting the image,” asking the Holy Spirit to prompt things from the image for you to pray into and to fill the image with spiritual meaning. Most of these visuals will connected to the concept of “Saturation” and will be connected to the insights included in each day’s prayer fuel.

We encourage you to start your prayer time each day by sitting in silence with the picture and listening for the Holy Spirit’s direction. It might also be meaningful to return to the image after you have read the additional pieces of the prayer fuel, using it to wrap up your time of intercession and giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak through it on even deeper levels. May you be blessed as you engage your Creator in visually inspired prayer.



The Northeastern Region of Morocco, sometimes known as the “Oriental” Region because of its relative proximity to the trade routes to the Eastern World, is a patchwork region of several cultures, language groups, and geographic features. Diversity abounds. A mix of coastal lands and mountainous zones, the economic potential of trade, fishing, tourism, and agriculture should equate economic stability for this region, but instead it is relatively poor.

The stomping grounds of the Rif Berbers who are primarily known for their involvement in the growing and distributing of drugs has kept heavy governmental scrutiny on the area, making it difficult for local Believers to share and keeping them trapped in fear and making it difficult for foreign Believers to obtain residency in the area. Cultural differences, language challenges and geographic barriers have kept Believers in the region isolated and disconnected from one another. But there are Believers—even a few forming themselves into fragile groups that meet together, inconsistently. These are the beginning stages of regional transformation!

Pray for the Rif Berbers that they would be set free from the bondage of the illegal drug trade of hashish. Ask that Father would bring the various Believers together and knit them in unity to one another much as His Spirit covered over the differences of the early Church believers. That, as they gather together and experience the sweet fellowship available to us in the Spirit of God, they would grow in their consistency and commitment to one another, the message of Christ and their region of Morocco. Ask that God would raise up anointed leaders, and that as their numbers grow, they would long to organize themselves as thriving, multiplying Churches.



Each day, as we engage the practice of Lectio Divina, “eating/digesting the Word,” the Scripture we will pray comes from a community of prayer from within Morocco that has been praying Saturation over Morocco.

Adjective: “Saturated”—holding as much water or moisture as can be absorbed; thoroughly soaked
Noun: “Saturation”—the degree or extent to which something is completely absorbed

This group is daring to pray audacious prayers of saturation—asking for God’s Kingdom to come to Morocco to such an extent that it is completely absorbed in His truth, presence, and transformation. Keep this in mind as you pray these Scriptures and join with those who are already praying audacious prayers on behalf of Morocco.

Psalm 77:19 “Your road led through the sea, Your pathway through the mighty waters – a pathway no one knew was there!”

Ask the Lord for many more Riffis, and all the tribes of Morocco, to know the path they did not know was there!



God, we worship you because You are our great Rescuer.  Though so many of the people here feel lost and forgotten, You have never forgotten them.  We trust that You are coming to rescue those lost in the darkness…

“Rescue” by Lauren Daigle 


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