Questions Leading to Truth

Meet “Faith”, the young girl who has just recently come to believe.  Faith asks questions – hard ones. And her mother’s religion didn’t hold up to her questions, so she began to research. She has struggled with depression as she has left her family’s religion and felt a hole in her heart. Thankfully, she wasn’t satisfied to leave the hole empty! She began to research. At the age of 16, she read the entire Bible with a friend. She began seeking information online and connected with others who were doing the same. Now 19 years old, Faith has a growing faith in Jesus! When she met with a believer, she was so excited to meet face to face with another follower of Jesus. She has felt so alone. 

Pray that Faith will find her identity and wholeness in the Father.  Pray that she will open her Bible again and continue to read and ask questions – knowing God is big enough for big questions. Pray that she will continue to share with boldness the Hope of the Gospel with those around her.


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