“God declares – that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…it shall come to pass that everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”

– Acts 2: 17, 21

Saturate Morocco Now!

pour out your spirit

Sat·u·rate (verb)

 “To cause something to become soaked completely so that nothing more can be absorbed.”  Dripping, soaking, seeping, flooding, drenching – completely steeped.

It is the visual of vibrant green after a season of heavy rains. Something bursting at the seems and starting to overflow to the fields around it.  

That is what we are longing for in Morocco – an overflowing church that completely soaks every part of the landscape. From the barren deserts and high mountain peaks to the vast coastline – we are asking for a saturated movement of the gospel that results in a strong, growing and beautiful Moroccan church that loves “the Lord their God with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength and with all their mind”. 

Then we are believing that God is going to overflow this land and will send His Moroccan bride to the nations.

Every Nation. Every Tribe. Every Language.

A Vision of Saturation


PrayMorocco is about finishing the task.  We will not stop until Morocco is completely saturated with the Gospel.  We are praying to saturate every corner of Morocco. Every city. Every village. Every people group.  Every single person has access to a growing, multiplying and passionate group of Jesus disciples within walking distance.


PrayMorocco relies on the Holy Spirit. We are actively listening and looking for the movement of the Spirit.  We want to equip you to pray extraordinarily and strategically for a movement of the gospel in Morocco. Extraordinary prayer is the fuel to start, direct, sustain and endure any movement of the Gospel.  


PrayMorocco is a global initiative welcome to people of every culture or background who love Jesus.  We need our brothers and sisters from every continent to stand together and break down the walls of Islam in Morocco through bold, ceaseless prayer. We’re about equipping Moroccan believers to think and pray globally.


PrayMorocco is a group of disciple-making prayer warriors. We are a community listening to what the Holy Spirit is speaking and then going and obeying whatever He says. We desperately need the Holy Spirit’s direction and guidance as we go make disciples who make other disciples. We want to link arms with others who are also passionate about being obedient to Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples”.   


PrayMorocco’s vision to saturate Morocco is about multiplication. We are passionately equipping new and old disciples to be more effective multipliers who depend on God through prayer.  We long to see movements start in Morocco but also to be multiplying wherever our prayer warriors are from through their ministries.  We pray for you to bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 fold – wherever God has called you to make disciples! 



PrayMorocco is an expectant community.  We believe that when we ask according to His will that the answer is “Yes and Amen”! We expect that God will speak as we listen to Him and move in power in accordance to His purposes and promises.  We are putting up our “sails” so we are ready when His powerful “wind” blows. We believe and fully expect to see Him move!

Every. Single. Corner.

Saturate Every Corner

We have a vision to saturate every single corner of Morocco’s diverse and dramatic landscape with the gospel.  We are fervently praying for every single person to have access to a growing, thriving and multiplying body of Christ all throughout Morocco.

Morocco is comprised of 12 regions with dramatically different characteristics, from vast coastlines, jagged mountain ranges, epic desert sand dunes, thriving modern metropolises and ancient cities of heritage, culture and color.  Some of these regions are actively being engaged with the Gospel; others remain largely unengaged.  Pray with us that this would change!

In a country that has been held by the chains of Islam for centuries, it becomes even more apparent how pivotal the role of prayer will be.  It is time for the Church to rise up and pray down the walls that keep millions of Moroccans from encountering the One True King. Let us flood this nation with worship, praise, and persistent intercession!  Let us fall on our knees in asking for an incredible move of the Spirit in this beautiful country!  

Every city.  Every town. Every village.  Complete saturation of the Gospel in Morocco.

saturate the land

Pray for Saturation

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