Turbulent Waters

Aziz is a dynamic believer. God is using him greatly to encourage, sharpen and bolster believers around him.
But because of his faith, his wife has left him, taking with her their children and telling them all kinds of lies about him. He carries this weight of separation with him always. He gets regular migraines because of the anxiety and sadness this brings him.
So many turbulent waters exist in the life of a believer in Morocco. By following Jesus they run the risk of physical and emotional persecution, family and community abandonment, loneliness, difficulty finding a job, depression, not being able to find a believer to marry…and the list goes on.
For Aziz and believers like him who live out these stormy waters, we see that even in spite of these things, they are saying yes to the call to WADE IN DEEPER.
Let’s speak out in prayer today the nearness of The One who is with them in the middle of life’s storms and has authority to bring peace to their minds, calm to their souls and hope to their outlook.

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