Guided Prayer – Day Two

Use the arrows below to be guided as you pray for Morocco 

Works vs. Grace

Follow along with these guided steps as we pray for Moroccans to encounter the God who freely offers His grace and forgiveness. Delight in the King of kings who has freely given you great grace.

An optional music player is available below if desired. Click play and commune with our Lord!


Meditate on this passage in Ephesians as you enter a time of worship.

“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.”
Ephesians 2:8

Name of God

Jehovah Tsidkenu
“The Lord our Righteousness”

Begin to worship the God who is our righteousness. 


Take a few moments to receive God’s grace for you – today.  Receive His invitation of grace and forgiveness.

Worship today because we live under a new covenant – a covenant not of works, but of grace.


Worship the Lord for His victory that makes His grace possible.

Worship the Risen Lamb who took our place.

Worship Him for “His rich mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our sin, made us alive together with Christ”!

(Worship our Lord in prayer and move forward when ready)


Worship Him on behalf of Moroccoans who still live under the weight of works and are yet to know and understand this free gifit of salvation.

(Continue when ready)

Worship in Music

Use the lyric video to pray these words over yourself and over the beautiful Moroccan people He has created.

Click the link below to watch and worship using the lyric video.

Elevation Worship – Mighty Cross


As you focus your prayers toward Morocco, praise Him for those who are coming out of the weight of religious works into the new covenant of grace.

(Continue to read testimony of praise!)

Testimony of Praise

Adil spent his whole career teaching Islam and the Quran to university students in Morocco. He knew, better than most, the details of their holy book and the belief system that came from it. 

(Consider and continue when ready)

Testimony of Praise

As the years went on, he began to have many questions and doubts. He gained access to a Bible and began to read and compare the Bible and Quran. The Holy Spirit began to do a work in him as he opened his heart to truth and compared the difference between a religion of works and scales and a religion based on relationship with God and His free gift of grace. His wife knew what he was doing and she was afraid. 



However, God gave their daughter a dream where she encountered the bright light and image of Jesus. When she told her mother about this, she knew that the road that God had led her husband on was indeed the road of truth. Now the whole family walks in the freedom and righteousness offered to them through Jesus!



Praise God for examples like Adil’s family across Morocco as God reveals His way of righteousness to those who are spiritually seeking! Praise God that He is moving all across Morocco to draw those longing for true righteousness.

Loving Father, come and break the stronghold of self-righteousness.  Reveal the glorious exchange that you provided for us on the cross. Help our Muslim friends see that you are their righteousness through Christ, and through Christ alone.



Take 30-60 seconds to quietly look at this photo.

What does this image prompt you to pray in this area of Moroccans coming to understand and know the difference between the works of legalism and the righteousness that comes through faith in Jesus?

Take some time to pray for the things God puts on your heart.

Character Chasm

If you could visit Morocco today, you would visibly see the outward effort of lives striving to create their own way to heaven.

They believe that every act, whether good or bad, is added to the scales that make up their lives. Their lives are literally lived under the weight of a point system as they pursue good works in hope to gain enough ‘good points’ to outweigh the bad. Their eternal destination lies completely on their works.

(Consider this understanding of God’s character and continue)

Character Chasm

Even forgiveness from Allah (the Arabic name for God) is illusive. Gaining His forgiveness depends on 1. Works that please God, 2. One’s ability to forgive others, and 3. The willingness of Allah.  Even though they believe forgiveness to be within Allah’s capabilities and he is called the “Most Forgiving”, He may perhaps forgive and there is no assurance of His forgiveness.

This understanding of God’s “character” stands in stark opposition to the loving, merciful, self-sacrificing Father that was willing to bridge the chasm that separated us from the Almighty. 


Use this cultural knowledge to pray for Moroccans who have yet to come to know the grace that is theirs because of Jesus’ glorious exchange that He provided on the cross.  


Close your time of prayer thanking the God of righteousness for His great mercy that provided our righteousness through the terrible suffering and death that was paid on the cross.  Praise Him that He is a merciful God that paid our debt in full!



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